145.270 Mhz       W6SAR
Auburn, CA       PL 156.7hz       -600khz Offset

Auburn 145.270 Repeater The W6SAR repeater is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and is located at 1,500 feet in Auburn, California. Coverage extends from Stockton in the south to Orland in the north. West as far as Vacaville and east to Donner Summit.

The repeater consists of modified GE MASTR Executive II tabletop base station feeding about 25 watts to a WACOM bpbr duplexer. Andrews 7/8" Heliax to the top of the tower into a DB Products DB516 antenna. The controller is an ACC RC-96. Power is backed up by the site battery/generator system.

The repeater is owned and operated by the Placer County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Communications Unit.