224.580 Mhz       N6NMZ
Auburn, CA       PL 100.0hz       -1.6mhz Offset

Auburn 224.580 Repeater The N6NMZ repeater is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and is located at 1,200 feet in Auburn, California. Coverage extends from Modesto in the south to Orland in the north. West into Fairfield and east to Donner Summit.

The repeater consists of a Spectrum Communications repeater, Astron RM-35M power supply and a Wacom BPBR duplexer with four cavities. There is also a 5" Telewave bandpass cavity on the receiver. The antenna is a Hustler G7-220 fed with 1/2" Andrews Heliax. The controller is a Link Communications RLC-4.

The repeater is also equipped with a GE MVP 420 remote base allowing connection to the N6NMZ 420 Hub System. This allows coverage into the Sacramento Valley from Stockton to Redding and also coverage into the Truckee-Tahoe Region.