29.620 Mhz       N6NMZ
Auburn, CA       PL 156.7hz       -100khz Offset

Auburn 29.620 Repeater The N6NMZ repeater is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and is located at 1,100 feet in the Sierra Foothills near Auburn, California. Line of site coverage extends from Stockton in the south to Cottonwood in the north. West as far as Fairfield and east to Donner Summit.

The repeater is "Split Site" with the transmitter located about 2 air miles away from the receiver at about the same elevation. The two sites are linked using a UHF link channel.

The reciever is a modified GE MVP mobile radio fed with a bipolar preamp. The antenna is a Hustler ground plane located at about 45 feet and is fed with RG-214.

The transmitter is a modified GE MASTR II running about 50 watts into 50 feet of Belden 9913 connected to an Antron 99 antenna.