52.860 Mhz       N6NMZ
Auburn, CA       PL 114.8hz       -500khz Offset

The N6NMZ repeater is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and is located at 2,700 feet on Blue Ridge near Vacaville, California. The repeater is a split-site system using the AB6LI 420 hub repeater in Grass Valley.

Coverage is currently limited to the Sacramento area due to receiver location. Additional receivers utilizing different PL tones are planned. The transmitter can be heard as far as Turlock, Redding, San Francisco Bay Area and the Sierras to the summit.

The transmit package consists of a 110 watt GE MASTR EXEC II, Astron RM-35M power supply, and a Motorola 12" bandpass cavity feeding a half-wave coaxial sleeve vertical with 1/2" Andrews Heliax. The receive package is a GE MVP fed by a single side mounted dipole through a Motorola 12" bandpass cavity.