927.150 Mhz       N6NMZ
Los Gatos, CA       PL 156.7hz       -25mhz Offset

Los Gatos 927.150 Repeater The N6NMZ repeater is open to all licensed amateur radio operators and is located at 2,000 feet near Los Gatos, California. Coverage extends from Morgan Hill in the south to Richmond in the north. West into the Santa Cruz Mountains and east it pretty much blankets the East Bay.

The repeater consists of a pair modified Motorola radios, a Maxtrac receiver and a GTX transmitter. Link Comm RLC-4 controller, Astron RM-35M power supply and a Celewave BPBR duplexer. The antenna is a yagi fed with a 35' run of 1/2" Andrews Heliax.